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Financial Big Data Industry Solution

The smart financial solution is suitable for bank financial institutions, connecting the front-end business outlets of banks, self-service banks, ATMs, vaults, office buildings and other places to security subsystems such as video surveillance systems, intrusion alarm systems, voice intercom systems, and access control systems. The system is connected to the remote command center through a proprietary network to help customers achieve security management needs such as pre-event prevention, mid-event supervision, and post-event tracing.
Programme advantages

Programme advantages

  • Smart Label

    ● Tag the front-end device, and tag the device or event after the event.
  • Alarm linkage

    ● Cross-generation design of alarm distribution and alarm level.
  • Audit check

    ● Synchronize all kinds of alarm events and business events and provide the function of secondary audit and inspection.
  • data analysis

    ● The platform classifies statistics and displays various types of events and devices to form an intelligent data report.
  • Hidden Trouble Shooting

    ● Early warnings for various types of important events such as outlets, self-service banks, and treasuries, and early warning and early warning of places or equipment with major security risks.
  • Business rectification

    ● The illegal operation platform on the front end can be notified to make rectification within a certain time, and the progress can be monitored on the back end.
Programme System

Programme System

success case

success case