One-stop operation management

Active and transparent, intelligent operation and maintenance, stable innovation, efficient operation

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Programme Brief

One-stop operation management solution

The one-stop operation management solution is a comprehensive solution to improve production efficiency and operation service capabilities for customers. Through the SDT remote maintenance robot and network management module, all aspects of data collection are carried out on the rod box equipment, transmission network, video storage, video image, system software, server, network equipment, etc., using the RPA intelligent engine of the integrated management platform. Perform accurate big data analysis of the data, and realize the visual presentation of assessment management, historical image detection, IT integrated network management, asset management, image quality, command scheduling, statistical analysis and other functions.
Programme advantages

Programme advantages

  • Comprehensive inspection system

    Comprehensive fault detection Intelligent fault warning Specialization in fault analysis
  • Comprehensive operation and maintenance orders

    IT service integration Automatic dispatch flat Intelligent operation and maintenance management
  • Visible throughout the maintenance process

    Transparent maintenance process Visualization of maintenance trajectory Client role diversification
  • Operating data at a glance

    Visualization of results Accurate fault Operationalization
repair service

Programme advantages

repair service

Provide 7*24-hour maintenance services through human-machine maintenance mode to expand "eight maintenance capabilities" for users In order to meet the customer's requirements for efficient and stable operation of the system, through the remote, on-site, temporary guarantee, long-term presence, etc., to quickly diagnose and deal with the problems encountered by users, and continue to collect user feedback to help the product quickly optimize and improve. Provide spare parts services for key equipment to ensure business availability and reduce the impact of system failures on business operations.

  • Hardware repair

  • Monitoring alarm

  • Professional inspection

  • On duty

  • Troubleshooting

  • Major guarantee

  • Security check

  • Statistical Analysis

Service Guarantee

Establish a market-oriented, customer-centric and fast-response professional maintenance service system. Through efficient organization of on-site, support, experts and hotline personnel, formulate standardized construction, inspection, and service process systems to create assessment management, Integrated network management and Zhiwei monitoring and maintenance tools standardize, process, standardize and digitize services to provide users with higher-quality maintenance services.

  • Product creation

    Intelligent assessment management system Intelligent IT integrated network management system Intelligent maintenance monitoring system
  • Operation specification

    Work flow specification Resident service system Maintenance inspection specifications Standardized construction and maintenance
  • Personnel organization

    800 hotline staff Technical experts Support Engineer Resident Engineer
success case

success case