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Video big data

Video big data solution


The video big data solution uses video structuring technology to identify and extract structured data such as faces, license plates, human body feature values, vehicle feature values, and event information in the video, and complete the connection with the public security intranet professional database to achieve portrait size. Analysis of related intelligent applications such as data and vehicle big data can help police big data.

Solution advantages

  • Multiple protection mechanisms to ensure high reliability of business

    It has a variety of unique technologies and protection mechanisms such as full network redundancy backup to achieve 99.999% high reliability of the system and safe and reliable business.
  • Interval broadband for safe and efficient operation

    Through the 6+ access method, the comprehensive access broadband backhaul of 10+ interval services is realized, providing interval operation safety and efficiency
Qingzhi Qinyu Integrated Command Dispatch

Qingzhi Qinyu Integrated Command and Dispatch Solution


Based on the requirements of the four centers of the Ministry of Public Security (command center, information center, network security center, and news center), Qingzhi Qinyu Integrated Comprehensive Command and Dispatch Solution creates a global data command application for public security organs, and builds Public security prevention and control system of grid control, search tasks, community management and control; at the same time, it presents the daily work of community police, mobile police application, information transmission and sharing at all levels, to achieve unified command, network deployment, multi-level linkage, rapid response, Further weave three-dimensional patrol control network.

Solution advantages

  • Intelligence analysis is more accurate

    Intelligence information runs through command business to truly realize the integration of sentiment and finger.
  • Command and dispatch more efficient

    The normal police situation is flat and visualizes the diversified treatment methods of important police situations.
  • Service management is more practical

    Let the service truly serve the actual combat command and truly realize the integration of sentiment and fingers.
  • Public opinion is more intelligent

    Integrate and display the fragmented system data through big data visualization.
One-click alarm

One-click alarm visualization solution


One-key alarm visualization solution fully integrates social resource images, alarm information, one-key alarm visual command APP, personnel management, map resources, intelligent visitors, walkie-talkies, etc. to establish two levels (first-level command center- (Second-level command center) information management platform to realize the interconnection and interlocking between the command center and the surrounding command center, and the nearby security forces, so as to ensure that the disposal target is quickly reached.

Solution advantages

  • Quick alarm and quick dispatch

    ● Through one-button alarm, the system can quickly alarm and the system can quickly dispatch police to increase the speed of handling various events in the auxiliary area. ● Quickly dispatch police through voice and message services. ● Through the "1 minute reaction circle", the rapid response mechanism was implemented in time.
  • Intelligent scheduling, intelligent management

    ● Through the system, it can automatically search the surrounding stabilizing power function. To achieve one-stop response, group prevention and governance. ● The system automatically detects the online status of the equipment to ensure the stable operation of the prevention and control equipment.
  • Precise positioning and precise linkage

    ● Precise positioning through location information and maps to shorten the time of alarm. ● By setting linkage objects and linkage rules in the system, linkage by level and type is realized.
  • Strong scalability

    ● Connected with the integrated platform of the Autonomous Region Public Security Department, it can realize the alarm of key vehicles. ● For the platform function, it can provide intelligent, visual and information construction. ● One key to alarm into the campus, one key to alarm into the community, and one key to report to the police into the family.
Emergency Command

Emergency command solution


The emergency command solution follows the principle of "layered governance, loose coupling, and high real-time" to enhance the three-dimensional security prevention and control capabilities. Based on social attributes and police attributes, it is built to cover prevention and control grids, patrol tasks, community control, intelligence analysis, and command. Dispatch, service management, and public security prevention and control system in one, realize unified command, grid police deployment, multi-level linkage, quick response, and further weave social network patrol control network. During the epidemic situation, it can be used for emergency command of epidemic prevention and control, to realize the application of sub-functions such as linkage of thermal imaging body temperature detection, epidemic situation, grass-roots prevention and control, medical treatment, material support, command and dispatch.

Solution advantages

  • Emergency prevention

    ● Surveillance video control in all directions ● One-click alarm to set up all points ● Full-time supervision of key population
  • Emergency preparedness

    ● Data update and preservation mechanism ● Plan resource management   ● Personnel management   ● City component management  
  • Emergency recovery

    ● Process evaluation, survey summary ● Material management, personnel attendance ● Program maintenance, fill in short board
  • Emergency Response

    ● Flat and visible normal alarm ● Diversification of major police situations  
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