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Block point by point, trace along the line, comprehensive control, three-dimensional escort

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Programme Brief

AI Anyi Campus Three-dimensional Prevention and Control System Comprehensive Application Solution

The integrated application solution of the AI Anyi campus three-dimensional prevention and control system adopts a 3+N structure to achieve intelligent infrastructure construction • Resource scheduling data • Campus operation visualization. Through the AI police linkage system, intelligently integrate existing equipment to achieve 100% one-click emergency alarm and video surveillance networking. Through AI campus attendance system, intelligent visitor management system, key personnel deployment control system, intelligent vehicle management and other systems, 100% closed management is achieved; through intelligent security personnel management system, 100% of the full-time security deployment rate of urban primary and secondary schools is achieved. Through visual big data system, intelligent supervision system, dynamic management of school bus, dormitory safety management, home-school interoperability application and other systems, N safety measures are realized. Big data-based visual analysis of three-dimensional intelligent prevention and control network, emphasizing the structure of video, the system itself generates tens of billions of data, breaks through the data chimney, multi-source data integration, coexistence, provides third-party data access capabilities, and realizes woven security prevention Control a net.
Programme advantages

Programme advantages

  • Safe

    100%Closed management 100%One-key alarm & monitoring access 100%Security management School bus safety management
  • health

    Healthy kitchen Health classroom Healthy Dormitory
  • wisdom

    Home-school communication Campus Card Score management Statistical analysis of student information
  • intelligent

    Campus Asset Management Remote mobile control Equipment maintenance
Terminal construction

Terminal construction

success case

success case