Participation of all people, combination of peace and war

The participation of the whole people The combination of peace and war Elasticity and controllable Intelligent and efficient

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Programme Brief

Anyi AI+Smart Intelligent Security Community Solution

Anyi AI+Internet of Things smart security community solution fully integrates advanced technology and builds a basic data collection network to improve the comfort of residents' lives, enrich the government's efficient governance methods, and strengthen the personalized service of the property for the purpose of achieving multi-party integration and effective interaction , A convenient and efficient new community management model, and a new community shape for the future. Through the construction of smart communities, we will gradually build special communities such as elderly care communities, environmental protection communities, safe communities, and cultural communities. Relying on the end-side-pipe-cloud IoT system to realize the packaging of new ICT capabilities such as AI big data, IoT, video cloud, and GIS.
Programme advantages

Programme advantages

Based on data such as population, houses, vehicles, video, etc., the data fusion analysis of the community is realized:

  • Product advantages

    ● To achieve safe and controllable key core elements, effective monitoring and early warning of physical space and virtual space, timely eliminate hidden security risks such as public security/firefighting, and make city operations more secure and orderly.
  • Smarter management decisions

    ● Effectively tap the intrinsic value of data to realize the “prophet, foresight and advancement” of city managers with regard to city operation status and potential problems.
  • Economic development gathers wisdom

    ● Achieve a wide pool of talents, technologies, data, systems, and needs in the Internet environment, forming a new pattern of mass entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Serve the people more conveniently

    ● Innovate the public service model, create a smart life circle covering all areas of society, and realize the "full-time, full-time and ubiquitous" service based on the intelligent information system to benefit people.
  • Social governance is more modern

    ● Achieve flat and efficient government management, and gradually form a social governance system with common participation, common governance, and shared results.
  • Information sharing is more open

    ● Achieve the co-prosperity sharing and effective allocation of urban information resources.
Terminal construction

Terminal construction

success case

success case