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Transportation big data industry solutions

Based on the capabilities of big data analysis, cloud computing, cloud storage, and 4/5G applications, traffic big data integrates traditional audio and video/mobile audio and video, one-key alarm and other business functions, builds a comprehensive traffic monitoring intelligent management system, and realizes traffic The real-time monitoring and intelligent emergency dispatching of the operation will fundamentally improve the level of the intelligent system in the railway and road transportation industries, and fundamentally achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, and save energy and reduce force.
Programme advantages

Programme advantages

  • Integrated development

    ● Promote the integrated development of multiple transportation modes such as aviation, railway, port, high-speed, and urban public transportation.
  • Innovation transformation

    ● The shift from relying on traditional factors to more emphasis on innovation-driven.
  • Integrated system

    ● Construct a modern comprehensive transportation system that is safe, convenient, efficient, green and economical.
  • First-class facilities

    ● Achieve comprehensive and three-dimensional planning and build multi-level transportation facilities.
  • First-class technology

    ● Promote system technology upgrade and develop a new generation of intelligent traffic management system.
  • First-class management

    ● Establish and improve a comprehensive transportation emergency management system and mechanism, and strengthen the social coordination capabilities of emergency rescue.
  • First-class service

    ● Passenger intermodal transportation is convenient and smooth, multimodal cargo transportation is efficient and economical, and the development level of intelligent, safe, green and shared transportation is greatly improved。
Programme Architecture

Programme Architecture

success case

success case